Earn a Few Dollars and Clear Your Decks

Sell us your wooden or plastic pallets

Do you have gently used pallets sitting around taking up space? Make a few extra dollars by selling them to KMPallets LLC. We buy wooden and plastic pallets from folks in the Cedar Rapids area. Our specialist will go over your items and provide you with a fair and honest purchase quote.

We're looking primarily for 48-by-40-inch wooden pallets, but we'll also take pallets of other sizes. Call now to speak with one of our representatives.

We buy from local business owners

We buy from local business owners

We source a large number of pallets from farmers in the Cedar Rapids area, but they're not the only ones looking to get rid of their wooden and plastic pallets. We also buy from:

  • Builders
  • Local crafters
  • Grocery store owners
  • Department store owners

Don't let your unwanted pallets go to waste. Sell them to us! Contact our team today to get paid for your wooden or plastic pallets.