Do You Need Pallets or Crates?

Do You Need Pallets or Crates?

Buy pallets, crates and wooden spools from us

KMPallets LLC has a wide selection of pallets available for purchase. Choose from our inventory of:

  • 32-by-32 pallets
  • 32-by-63 pallets
  • 48-by-40 pallets
  • 48-by-48 pallets
  • 62-by-34 pallets
  • 66-by-45 pallets
  • 66-by-69 pallets
  • 120-by-24 pallets

Don't see the size you need listed here? We have limited quantities of other sizes available for purchase. Please let us know what you need, and we'll help you find the best option for your needs.

Need crates and wooden spools? We have those for sale, too! Call 319-594-4618 now to place your order.